Mask with Me

A Portrait Project

by Laura Wopperer

“I mask for my family, friends and for the general public’s safety.”Josh DanielNorth Carolina Singer-Songwriter
“I wear my mask to keep myself, and those around me safe. You never know who you could be harming if you don't. Have a little empathy and mask-up everywhere you go!”Kayden HuntUNC Morehead-Cain Scholar/Student Activist
I wear a mask because I believe in protecting the people around me, especially my brave colleagues in this nation's hospitals. But also because it’s a relatively easy thing to do to slow the spread of a virus that’s caused incalculable societal harm.Kimmery MartinPhysician/Novelist, Author of The Antidote for Everything
"Save a life, wear a mask."Morgan FogartyWCCB TV News Anchor
“Bringing my son into this world during these times is both exciting and incredibly scary. I’m doing all that I can to keep him, myself, my family, my friends and my community safe”.Myers FloydMother and Former NFL Cheerleader
“I wear my mask to help keep myself and others safe from Covid. The more people wearing masks, the better and sooner we can get back to school! ”Ella Canty8th Grader Piedmont IB Middle School/ Girls Soccer/ Sources of Strength
“I mask to protect everyone around me.”Gaurav BhartiOwner/Partner HKB Cosmetic Surgery
“I believe that if my mask can keep one person from contracting Covid-19 then that’s enough reason for me. Also the faster we can contain things, the faster I can get back on stage and perform for an audience, which is where my true passion lies”.SARAH HAYES HARKINSProfessional Ballerina, Charlotte Ballet/ Co-Owner, EveryBODIES Ballet
“I am masking for the safety of our schools, our educators, our students and their families. I hope the reduction of community spread will create conditions where we can all be learning together in the classroom again.”Cece Sizoo-RobersonCMS 2020 Teacher of the Year
“I’m masking for my family, my friends and my fellow citizens because it's the best protection we currently have against the highly contagious Covid-19 virus. I consider it my social responsibility and wearing a mask is a simple and effective method for me to help slow the spread. 'Do unto others as you would have them do undo you.' "Nichelle SublettMrs. NC 2018/ Business Development Liaison for Atrium Health
"While I'm all about spreading love and good vibes, one thing I don't want to spread is germs. Some people say that wearing a mask is uncomfortable. But as the saying goes, 'If you want change you have to be willing to be uncomfortable.' Having said that, when I'm in public I always rock my mask and I hope you'll join me and do the same."Nick KosirMorning Meterologist Fox 46
"I am masking so crews can get back to filming our favorite show."Veronica Rodriguez90 Day Fiancé Pillowtalk Cast Member
“Even if the effectiveness is later proven to be less than we know right now, I can be certain I’ve done the most to protect myself, my loved ones and others around me.”Fred ShropshireWCNC Charlotte Evening Anchor
“I don’t want to wear a mask, it makes me sad, but Mommy says I have to.” Savvy Jewel PhillipsAge 3
"I grew up during The Great Depression and became an adult during WWII. After 93 years I know what is most important. Life is good, wear a mask, preserve it."Lavinia KuckGreat-Grandmother/ Retired Bank Operations Officer
“I’m not only protecting myself, but my mother who is immune compromised. I go out to do her grocery shopping weekly, and I mask up to ensure I don't pass anything to her when I visit. Also, I want to do my part to slow the spread and hopefully get us back to a sense of normalcy as soon as possible.”DeAnna TaylorAttorney, Editor, and Journalist
“I wear a mask so that we can open our schools and community safely.”Becky CrawfordDilworth Elementary Principal
“I’m masking because I care deeply about the health of my family, friends and community. It’s not only being considerate, it’s about respecting and caring for my fellow human beings by doing my part in stopping the spread of this virus.”Liz HilliardCEO Hilliard Studio Method
"I wear a mask to keep my family and others safe. There are too many unknowns about Covid to risk it and all the data points to the efficacy of wearing one!"James YoderCo-Owner - Not Just Coffee
"I'm masking for my patients and loved ones to protect one another. We can all keep smiling under there!"Jenny GandhiDentist and Founder - Pearl. Dentistry Reimagined
"What's up beautiful people? I wear my mask so I can stick around for the pull up in my community. To keep myself healthy to serve my community in conversations and volunteering. I need to keep my mask on so I can be around to help others remove theirs. And not the physical masks, the ones we don't see, like assumptions, bias, and injustice. I need to be here to do the good work. I need to stay healthy."Ohavia Phillips Talk Show Host/ Activist & Lover of People
“I wear a mask to protect people with health conditions to stop the spread of Covid. My oldest daughter Sophia, who was medically complex, passed away over a year ago. If she were still here today, Covid would have been deadly for her. I never want to be the reason someone gets sick or dies. Wearing a mask is a simple way to protect people and possibly save a life."Natalie WeaverFounder of Sophia's Voice
“Nothing is more electric for a professional musician than performing for large audiences. The reciprocally energy could never be replaced by live-streaming. I wear my mask to protect myself and my family and to show respect for those around me. It's my hope that we'll have live audience shows again.."Jason AtkinsProfessional Musician/ Organist for the Charlotte Checkers Hockey Team
"Why wouldn't you want to protect others?."Molly Grantham Anchor. Author. Mom.
“I mask out of the health and respect for humankind. Family, friends, community, our city of Charlotte,
the US, this world... love always."
Meredith MullinsOwner of MERE'S
“I am wearing a mask to be able to safely do our job and protect our clients, staff and myself in hopes it will help slow the spread of coronavirus. Whether ultimately proven to help or not, we each need to do our part to get children in schools and businesses operating again."Brooke SabaOwner and Stylist at Beau Reve Salon
“We wear our masks to protect our family, friends and community and to set an example for our children who look to us for the right thing to do."Elizabeth White and Jacquelyn TugwellOwners of Twine and Twig
"I mask because it's literally the easiest thing I can do to protect others. We're all in this together: if we all took the same mentality we could knock this virus out together."Chris ColemanChef & Partner of The Goodyear House
"I wear a mask to protect those who can't afford to
get sick, to show respect and caring for all people,
and to support those who are trying to rein in this
health crisis. And because you can wear
art on your face."
Sonya PfeifferAward-Winning TV Journalist/ Civil Rights & Criminal Defense Attorney
"I wear a mask to protect my family. I am a mom
and have two small children, so keeping them safe
and healthy is the most important thing in the
world. I also wear a mask to protect my friends,
family and the Charlotte community."
Jenna EnochTV Anchor - Spectrum News
“We wear a mask to protect each other so we can do the things we love, like ballet and baseball.”Isabel and Juliana Wopperer5th Graders Dilworth Elementary
"I am masking to protect the people that I love and to help stop the spread of Covid-19 for people in my town, state and country. I'm masking with the hope of being able to play basketball during my Senior year of High School and hope my example will be followed by my peers."Victoria JordanCatawba Ridge HS Senior/ Basketball Player/ Model and Influencer
"Mask Up! I mask up so I can COVER
your real estate needs."
Brandon LawnReal Estate Broker
"I mask to spread love not germs. I mask for the safety
of others who are more vulnerable than myself and because it's an easy way to do the right thing."
Michelle CastelloEntrepreneur/ Owner of Moxie Mercantile
“I wear my mask to keep my locked in family,
and my family at home, safe."
Chuck Walker Owner, TWC Fitness
“We wear a mask because protecting our family and
our community is our number one priority. We believe
we all hold a certain responsibility to do what we can
to help businesses stay open, schools reopen,
and communities flourish."
Jasmine Koch & Joseph KeenanOwners of Coordinates Coffee
“I wear my mask because after two months, I am still experiencing complications from getting Covid. I don't want anyone to experience what I've been through."Aaron DodgeContent Creator
“I mask because people matter. It's not just about me.
I'm not that selfish. I mask because if I don't, I may accidentally infect someone one day and change the course of their family for generations. I don't want
that on my hands."
William WilsonClothing Designer/ NASCAR Champion/ NC Military Hall of Fame
“I wear a mask to protect myself, my family, my friends, and those who I come in contact with. It's going to take all of us, working together, to slow the spread."Iisha scottWCNC Charlotte Meteorologist
"I wear my mask because I care
about myself and the well being of others."
Brittany NewcombWardrobe Stylist, B. Noble Styled
"I wear a mask to protect everyone - not just my
friends and family, but everyone around me.
And because I want to be able to
hug my friends again."
Zayne Rudolf5th Grader
"It's an effortless gesture that has a potentially large, positive impact on the health of all people. Why in the world wouldn't we wear one."Ashleigh GaddCo-Owner and CEO of Stroke
“I wear my mask to keep my guests safe while getting hair services. I wear my mask to be able to keep my salon open.”Lauren BernsteinOwner of Refinery Salon Charlotte
"If you think wearing a mask is oppression then you've never really been oppressed before."Kyle MosherFull-Time Artist
"I wear a mask to be considerate of others
and help slow the spread, even though I'd
rather not so you could see my lip fillers."
Kendra LopezMSPAS, PA-C, Owner & Advanced Aesthetic Injector, The Injection Queen
“I mask not only due to my complications with asthma, but to protect those around me ."Barry GreeneOwner of Shades of Moss
"I wear a mask to show respect. Respect for you, respect for your family, respect for your life and mine."Brooke Hall Model
"I wear a mask because I want to be a
part of keeping the world safe."
Jami SvayMakeup Artist & Spa Owner
Makeup Artist & Spa Owner
“I wear a mask because I want to be safe for myself
and the people around me, they work!."
Henry AlonzoFreelance Photographer
"I wear a mask because it's without a doubt the easiest thing I can do to keep the people in my life safe."Garrett TichyOwner of Hygge Coworking
"I wear and sell masks to protect people like my husband Ed, who has ALS, and compromised immune systems. Wearing a mask is something simple that we can all
do to help our community beat COVID-19 together."
Liz SheaOwner/ Artist
"I wear a mask because: I respect other humans.
I believe in science. I want to be harmless.
Great fitness starts with good health."
Rachel MumfordCo-Founder of Barry's
"I wear a mask because there is no simpler way to
stay healthy, protect others, and give leaders
a runway to get the virus under control."
David RudolfCriminal & Civil Rights Attorney/ NC Lawyer Hall of Fame Recipient
" ...... "Homer The DragonCharlotte Knights Mascot

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